Reconstruction of the building

If we want to know more about the art of reconstruction, we have to look at its history: at the beginning of its history, we need to know a description of the art of architectural restoration. Architectural restoration is rooted in the art of architecture and relies on knowledge and science about historic and ancient structures and buildings to revive this building.The restoration of these buildings takes place in three aspects: the physical and structural aspect, functional.
There are three concepts in architectural restoration:


Building renovations:

A set of works that replaces the old textures with new ones, which gives the building a new look
Building improvement:

A series of measures taken in the short term to improve the shape of the building. This set of actions is divided into four categories:

    Apartment repairs



Rebuilding is often used for the repair and restoration of buildings. Some experts in this field believe that the word restoration is separate from the word reconstruction. According to these people, the word renovation is used for buildings that have more general uses. Public are buildings that have no historical value.

It is divided into two styles:

    Archaeological or scientific style
    Artistic or artistic style

Archaeological or scientific style:

All stages of this reconstruction are based on a careful study in a scientific way:

In this reconstruction, the following should be observed:

    Strengthen the building and strengthen it
    Carrying out excavations for the foundation of the building
    The stone facades of the building must be renovated and the cracked parts must be hardened.
    The elements that have been removed from the building must be in the right place.

Artistic restoration style:

In this style of building reconstruction, the person who wants to do the reconstruction can innovate and innovate, and the person can innovate at all stages of the reconstruction and use their own taste and experience. The Renaissance dates back to and is also called the Renaissance style.

The reconstruction methods are divided into 4 categories, which we will explain to you below:
Protective type reconstruction:

In this method, before doing anything, a thorough study of the building and all its features, such as the materials used, must be done. This will help the rebuild to be done correctly. After this study and research, the reconstruction in the complex will be carried out and The building is done and the general protection of that building is considered.
Reconstruction of anastylosis or style of construction:

In this method, replacement parts are placed in place of the old worn parts. Obviously, this is done in a way that is no different from the previous shape of the building and does not create a new shape. This method is often used for dilapidated buildings.In this method, since the previous style and harmony of the monument are important, they should be avoided as much as possible.
Renovation of the building through light cleaning:

Light cleaning or light cleaning can be defined as eliminating any factor causing damage to the building.In this method, unsuitable building connections are removed from the building.

Other points:

Most people like the process of renovating their apartment to be a quick and low-cost process and are looking for experts in this field to deliver the work faster and with excellent quality. Renovating an apartment has many advantages and makes your home or workplace more beautiful. it will be stronger if you use specialized people.

Furthermore, on the subject of reconstruction, in addition to observing the points of reconstruction and repair of the building, you should also pay attention to the internal architecture of your building or home, because part of this is related to the appearance of the building and part of the design of your furniture or choose the type of floor and wallpaper.

Note two points about the cost of renovating an apartment:

    How much money do you have to do it?
    How much should your building, home or office cost?

Take for example an 11-year-old apartment that is not very old and does not have the problem of strengthening or retrofitting, for which most of the ancillary works for the interior renovation and renovation of the building, such as luxury, are carried out. and the change of materials, such as replacement. Mention can be made of repairing kitchen or bathroom faucets, changing room doors or painting the house, installing fireplaces, wallpapering, changing floors and more.

Also consider a building that is 25 years old since its construction. Well, this building needs to be strengthened in addition to luxury and needs to be restored, and the cost of its reconstruction is different from the first model.
Old building

Items that are important in the price of home renovation and apartment or building renovation:

    Draw the three-dimensional role that precedes the work.
    The next case is the destruction of the building and the transport of garbage.
    The foreman or foreman and the workers must receive their pay.
    The next item must be purchased (before buying the material, be aware of the cost of its types) The materials have different types can be stone, wood or brick, and the cost of each is different (materials are used for the facade)

Material (facade reconstruction)

In achieving sustainable development, communities benefit greatly from the adaptation and reuse of buildings. The only process of demolition and reconstruction of the building makes it attractive for reuse. The environmental benefits, combined with the energy saving and social benefit of reusing valuable heritage sites, facilitate the reuse of a key component of sustainable development.

Historic buildings provide an insight into our past as they lend and serve a new practical purpose in our modern societies. An old factory can transform into an apartment complex, a wandering church can find new life as an apartment complex, or an old office building can transform into a bustling retail store. In many ways, an adaptive reuse project can strengthen the community by meeting the changing needs of the population.

In today's economy, does it make sense to build a new building in exchange for renovating old buildings and renovating old apartments? There are many considerations. It is necessary to calculate the cultural, aesthetic and cost differences of each project.
Which buildings are earthquake resistant?

Instead of worrying about the first earthquake, citizens may need to take practical action to prevent earthquakes in addition to earthquake safety measures.

The rehabilitation of dilapidated buildings, apartments and buildings is a priority for every family. It is interesting to know that there is no tool for identifying an anti-seismic building if not looking for the technical characteristics of the building.

Also, if you buy a house that has been built by a conscientious and specialized team and group who, in addition to observing the technical points and criteria, use very good and quality materials, it is very, very important. Many profiteers now use shoddy materials to build a home and building for you that isn't earthquake-proof and you and your family don't live in a safe house, so it's best to get expert help renovating your apartment and building.
Refurbishment of an old building

Renovation of an old building (repairs, changes to interior decoration and partitions and proper use of existing materials, etc.). In any case, many people have thought about making changes to your home. it is necessary to remodel the building from design to execution. Get help from experts in this field. Some people think this will increase the cost if it proves the opposite of this idea, because these people will help you. Reduce implementation costs and provide cost-effective materials.
Building renovations:

To avoid further damage to the building, increasing the strength of the building and changing the aesthetic appearance within the unit has a big impact. During the reconstruction of the building, you will remove any moisture from the walls and floor, repair the insulation of the bathroom and toilets, replace the ceramic floor, change the kitchen furniture, design and implement the space behind the TV ( Background TV), will change the front door and turn it into a counter. Theft, doors and bathrooms and toilets, replacement of valves and in fact the reconstruction of the building from the base and after the reconstruction of the building you have an apartment that lends itself to living in any way and regardless of the age of the building, few years You can also live in it without stress. Now, the new home intelligence systems are also a great way to make your living space more luxurious and have many benefits.

Get advice from construction companies active in building renovation

In the first step, you should try to have complete and complete information about your building and its current condition. Note that before you decide to renovate a building, you should make the decision with yourself: "Is it convenient to renovate your house or a building for your building?" For example, if the skeleton of a building has been in trouble for many years or the multiplicative arch type roof is worn out, renovating the house could even be life-threatening. Because the old buildings are structurally very little resistant to earthquakes. It is possible to refer to companies active in this field for advice in this regard. We are proud to announce that the 115 building team, thanks to their special knowledge and skills, will help you in the best way to renovate your home.
Lighting in the reconstruction of the building:

Light also plays an important role in enlivening the space. The use of adequate and uniform light in the apartment eliminates the suffocation of the environment, although the use of natural light is more appropriate. If the natural light is weak, compensate for the lack of it by using new artificial ones. Do not use roller or vertical blinds as much as possible, as they block sunlight from entering to a large extent. Fabric or mesh curtains are the best choice for apartment windows. Because they pass the light well. The use of local lighting on the frames and ... also causes mobility and movement in the building's reconstruction space.

For more information, contact Choobin Sazeh Company consultants.

What is the purpose of the building renovation?


With all the cases mentioned in detail before, we must say that the idea of ​​renovating the building or renovating it, despite the fact that it is done to beautify the building and eliminate defects, but in the meantime, troubleshooting and repair of structures construction and update them. They will be taken into consideration. Generally, there are several types of building renovation. Limited repairs can fix the problem and please you, but sometimes this renovation involves the whole house and major changes need to be made to the building.


In fact, most of the changes made to the rebuild process are related to the following:


    Sometimes the kitchen architecture is old and built in the form of a closure. In these cases, based on the taste of the owner and, of course, in consultation with an architect and an interior designer, it is decided to change the kitchen to open so that in addition to the appearance of the spaces, the spaces are used in the best possible way.
    Replacing tiles and ceramics and taps, which in addition to making work very comfortable and giving a particular effect to the bathroom, toilet and kitchen, prevent water waste by changing the taps.
    Building structures after 20 years and the house is old surely need major repairs or replacements, this will save more energy and optimize. Try to completely replace the building installations so you can be sure it won't be a problem anymore.
    If you don't have a lot of time to finish and can't paint the house, you can use decorations such as wallpaper. Of course, using a variety of wallpapers will leave you free to choose and you can make better home design decisions.
    If you are tired of the flooring in your home or you feel old and damaged, you can choose a suitable flooring according to your needs and tastes during the renovation. You know you have a lot of choice in this area.


In the process of renovating the building, with the advice of the interior architect, consider all aspects trying to use materials that make the house bright and spacious as much as possible. Of course, there are cases when people are very interested in the use of matte, dark and modern colors. In this case, try to provide enough light to the building in other ways.

The use of quality materials in the reconstruction of the building is very important because the durability of the materials used means that the cost and energy used last for years. Do not act hastily when deciding to change the building, but try to make the best decision by consulting with experts. Avoid making arbitrary and unprincipled decisions to change the building as it could pose a risk to your life and family.

Building reconstruction process:


What is the renovation of a building? What is the importance of the reconstruction? Who demolishes the building? What is the difference between renovating the facades of old and new buildings? These are the questions that arise in the mind of those who want to renovate a building. So they need to get information about it. Our goal in presenting the content is to answer important and practical questions in the field of reconstruction, building reconstruction, reconstruction company and other issues.

Reconstruction in the building field:


People who want to renovate a building must first determine which parts of the building they are going to renovate.

It is important to pay attention to whether the building structure is new or old. There are several parts of a building that may need to be rebuilt. Therefore, determining the exterior or main part for rebuilding is of particular importance and must go through its own steps.

In the process of building reconstruction, the inconspicuous parts are not sensitive to reconstruction. In the following discussion, we will introduce you to the reconstruction process in the main parts of the building, which is both more delicate and considered a special building.

Renovation of the building:


The reconstruction of the main parts of the building is of particular and vital importance because it includes the health of the residents.

To renovate the main part of the building, several steps were considered, each of which must be completed. In the discussion below, we will explain these steps one by one and according to the priority of each section.

The restoration of the main walls is the first step in the reconstruction of the building that must be considered. One of the things to keep in mind when renovating is that the main wall must not be damaged as it bears the weight of the building. In fact, the main pillar is responsible for the maintenance of the building.

But in connection with the restoration of the retaining wall, it is necessary to continue the excavation more carefully until you reach the bricks. Indeed, demolition operations should not be done all at once.

The second phase after the renovation is the reconstruction of the services and bathroom of the building. This section is also very important. Because if the insulation of this part is not done correctly, after a while, the walls around the toilets and bathroom will not leak. Therefore, it is recommended to isolate and isolate all parts of the services. Take action in this area.

To work hard, people can remodel the old floor tiles and roof so that the moisture doesn't damage the building.

Restoration of the exterior of the building:


The next step in the reconstruction of the building includes the roof and columns. In fact, this should be done before doing any landscaping, such as plastering or designing the roof, so that if there is a problem, it can be fixed before rebuilding.

It is necessary to strengthen the roof columns during the reconstruction and repair if the roof columns are damaged. If the walls are cracked, troubleshoot before repairing them. After completing these steps, you can perform the appearance beautification steps.

The beautification of the building's appearance largely depends on people's tastes. Because we know that tastes in this field are completely different, so it is better for people to choose the necessary accessories and design the furniture of their home.

Repair of old buildings:


As we know, there are many old buildings in the city today that their owners transform the old and worn plot into an elegant and beautiful building. At first glance it may seem simple, but it should be noted that not everyone is capable of doing it.

Doing the process of renovating a building may seem simple at first glance, but it requires skills in this area, which is why people who intend to renovate their old buildings are advised to be sure of the services of the reconstruction companies, building reconstruction group Or help from a reconstruction contractor who has sufficient experience in this area.

Hiring skilled labor is a very efficient solution. Obviously you need to have a general floor plan and a basic understanding of the model that will replace the old floor because it is of great help.

In the first stage, people must determine the purpose of the reconstruction. That is, before you do anything, decide how to build your building. It needs to be modernized or just needs a little modification and its traditional texture is still intact.

Making the process easier depends on making a decision and setting a goal in the beginning. Initial decisions influence the choice of materials, paints and other equipment.

An important point of renovating old buildings is that people don't have to commit to using a building design method. Because there is no problem if they want to combine modern and traditional methods, because this is a style in itself. Incidentally, the use of the fusion style today has its fans.

In the combined style, when renovating old buildings, people leave parts in a modern state and parts in a traditional, nostalgic state.


When renovating old buildings, you must first pay attention to the following important points:


One of these important points is to pay attention to the color in the design. In the past, designs were mainly used in the form of bedding, mirrors and niches with different and warm colors. People who want to preserve artifacts in their building and not damage the texture should remove the original color of these artifacts and then use light, muted colors to unify all parts to avoid multiple colors.

Building renovations:


In this section, the changes are applied to the doors and windows of old buildings and is considered one of the important issues in the reconstruction.

In the past, people had a strong desire to build small doors and windows in their homes to build their homes. Today, however, they don't like this method in modern designs. Individuals can transform small windows into large, modern windows while renovating with the help of expert groups.

It should be noted that the presence of multiple windows in the old houses was not without purpose, but the old architects in the design of the building, placed small windows between the room and the other parts so that family members could easily access the equipment for catering. to other sections. But in the structure of today's houses, these windows are completely useless and filling them will not cause any problems, but will make the look of the old building more modern and beautiful.

It can be said that the reconstruction of old buildings does not simply involve a change of structure. In addition to renovating their home, homeowners can also refurbish all furnishings in the home, including furniture, carpets and interior decorations.

Changes and renovations in the internal structure of the building:


As time goes by and the tastes of family members change, they come up with new ideas for remodeling and decorating the house, so that we see that each period is different from the period before and after, in the layout and internal changes of the building.

It can be said that building changes have been open for a long time in all countries because, as mentioned, tastes have changed. This process in our country also has an ancient and long history.

Of course, it should be noted that not only taste is influential in the reconstruction, but the passage of time also involves other reasons, for example, people may have different lifestyles in each period or, due to overcrowding, the family needs to change for reconstruction.The variety of ideas of family members cannot be underestimated in the decoration changes. In any case, there are many reasons that can influence the changes in the building and its reconstruction.

Indeed, it can be said that these changes do not only affect residential buildings, but also offices, commercial, schools, organizations and hospitals. The internal reconstruction of the building is more aesthetic and includes elements that do not interfere with the main building and focus only on the internal structure of the building.

Renovation of the facade of the building:


It should be noted that the facade of the building also changes a lot in appearance over time. Climate change is also one of the actual reasons for the loss of the exterior. People are recommended to use quality materials when renovating to maintain the longevity of the building and not damage it quickly.

The purpose of the reconstruction is different for different people. That is, if we want to ask each person, they may have different answers.

A group makes the reconstruction unique to create the beauty of the building. Some, however, like to create variety in appearance. Another group tends to be in line with progress and modernity. There are people for whom it is only important to preserve the beauty of the city, so they do the reconstruction with the intention of beautifying the city.

Stages of the reconstruction of the facade of the building:



In the design of the facade of the building, it is first necessary to observe a few points. Among other things, the design should have an aesthetic appearance of the building, be compatible with the climate of the area, be economical and in harmony with the fabric and landscape of the city.

In this regard, using any initiative and creativity is the responsibility of the designer or architect. The actual designer or architect should strive to ensure that the maximum amount of innovation he uses is associated with the lowest level of destruction.

The designer and owner in the project should pay attention to the fact that the facade of the building does not belong only to the owner and residents of the building, but is part of the landscape and the city. In some cases, it is a symbol for addressing the residents of that area, so all aspects must be considered in its design.

2. Selection of materials:


As mentioned, one of the most important steps in the reconstruction of a building's facade is to pay attention to the choice of materials and its quality. At this stage, it is necessary to first determine the amount of change because the choice of materials depends on the amount of change.

3. Execution:


It can be said that the implementation of reconstruction in old buildings is very different from newly established buildings. Because in the reconstruction of the facade, some components must remain intact without any modification. Also be careful not to damage other components.

Estimated cost of reconstruction:


The cost of building renovation is an important part and a major concern for homeowners. The approximate cost estimate is as follows:


1. First, it is necessary to prepare a list of the required materials in proportion to the last price available on the market.

2. The salary to be paid to the architect, the master of the work and the workers must first be considered. People are generally paid in the following two ways:

First day wage method:


This method is mainly used for low-rise buildings. Indeed, workers' wages are paid daily in this way. Each city has its normal price in this regard.

The second method - contract:


In this method, they first calculate the total project price together. This method is one of the fastest and most convenient methods. The contract is introduced as a quick method because the contractor tries to complete the project in a shorter time because he does not receive the daily rent.

Individuals should consider the sum of the amount more than what is obtained. Because in the continuation of the project other costs can be added to which the owners and architects have not paid attention.

Contractor, building reconstruction:


For people who are considering renovating their building, it is recommended to leave the construction project to an experienced rebuilding team so that the project process can go through with ease. This group includes specialized and efficient engineers and consultants who initially undertake the reconstruction of the building by estimating the costs and considering zero to one hundred jobs.

In this activity, this group performs various rebuilding phases. The reconstruction of buildings, old houses, villas, apartments and other non-residential places such as schools is the responsibility of the reconstruction team.


Here are the steps to renovate the building:



At this stage, the consultants are responsible for anticipating all the important points for the reconstruction. Counseling makes the rebuilding process go smoothly. This group will answer any questions and suggestions. Necessary tips and advice are provided by this group to building owners.

2. Destruction:

This step is carried out after the agreement of the owners and the restructuring group.

3. Construction:

The reconstruction and construction of the new project will begin after the demolition phase.

This is the last step. People have to pick up the garbage left around the building and hand it over to the owner.