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Reconstruction of decoration

Reconstruction of the decoration Architects attach great importance to the renovation of the interior of the houses Renovation of the interior of the houses The renovation of the interior of the houses includes walls, ceilings and floors, etc. The use of floors with a variety of attractive designs is one of the alternatives that can be used in place of ceramic in the home, which also causes It does not waste energy and also gives a more beautiful look to your home.

In today's world, most of our experiences are indoors and indoors, and we spend more time in these spaces.

In some cases, we spend limited hours in open, natural spaces to walk and have fun and escape from our daily activities, which indicates our escape from enclosed environments.

For this reason the reconstruction of the building and the interior of the house is the best way to improve our situation inside the enclosed spaces, which motivates us both to be at home and makes us get better mental and energetic conditions from the inside. of our House.

Home interior renovation price

Reconstruction of the decoration It is not possible to consider a single price for the reconstruction of the building, because during the execution of the operation the owner can modify the material or the executive plan, therefore it is not possible to consider a single price, but in general it depends on the your style and your variety and the materials used in the renovation of the interior of your home.

Experiment with a new interior decoration design ...

Renovating your home has its advantages. In some cases, there are no conditions to sell the house or move. After a long time, being in an environment, in addition to causing monotony and fatigue, will cause wear and tear on your structure and home.

On the other hand, you can't move house every time.

That is why it is the best way to change the internal rebuild.

Home interior decoration, change kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, change the type of partitions, floors, countertops, duplex floors, etc. In the reconstruction of interiors, all applications such as cooling and heating systems, plumbing systems and systems, dehumidification in services and pavilions are examined.

It also includes other modifications such as wallpaper painting, laminate, wardrobes, changing doors and

Reconstruction of the decoration

Decide on the implementation and type of wall covering

At this stage, the design of the interior decoration is discussed more. You have many options to choose from as a wall covering.

3D decorative panels, 3D posters, wall coverings, decorative stones, decorative glass, aluminum tiles and wallpaper and many other options are all among the options to choose from that at this stage you can choose the best type of covering. Choose for your home wall.

Of course, before choosing the type of coating, be sure to carefully review the various and varied samples of work that we offer you and make a decision according to the principles of interior architecture.

How to organize and design a house

No matter how much you spend on renovating your home's interiors, this cost is valuable when it is in harmony with your home's interior layout and design and makes your home more beautiful. To this end, you should consider designing and arranging new and beautiful interior decorations in your home's interior renovation.

Keep in mind that innovative design is very important in interior renovation. So you need to spend more time for it. To this end, you should evaluate various designs and styles in proportion to your space.

Paint the walls and ceiling

At this stage of the renovation, you need to be careful which type of design and painting is closest to your tastes and opinions. Although usually in Iran, most employers prefer the beauty and simplicity of white to different designs, but the colors red, blue and green and… are also used in architecture by many employers today.

However, the choice of building color in the interior renovation of the house is also one of the things that completely depends on one's personal taste.

Floor renovation

Having carried out the previous steps correctly and in principle, we must choose a type of floor for your home and we must keep in mind that each type of floor has its own unique client.

For more information on this, you can read the article on the best flooring for any type of building. Machoob Group consultants will also help you choose the best floor for your home, and after choosing the best floor model for your home, we will implement it in the best way.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is the heart of the home from the architects' point of view, and Iranian women usually spend most of their time in this space, and the kitchen plays a big part in the beauty of the home's interior decoration. Especially today, when the kitchens are open, they are more visible.

Kitchen remodeling today includes replacing cabinets, demolishing walls, demolishing old arches and rabbis, remodeling or even, if necessary, relocating plumbing, flooring, tiles between cabinets and so on.

If you have a general intention to renovate your kitchen, including kitchen cabinets, cabinets, curtains, floors and appliances, it will be very expensive.

But there are other ways to make changes in the kitchen and you don't have to pay a lot of money to make these changes and save a lot of money.

Home interior renovation

There are clever ways to make the kitchen look newer. With these simple changes you will transform your old kitchen into a new and modern environment.

And keep in mind that to change the furniture, if you are a fan of the classic style, we offer you membrane wardrobes, and if you are a fan of the modern style, we recommend the glass furniture.

Kitchen remodeling tips:

  • Refurbishment of the cabinet doors
  • Use new and modern tools and equipment
  • Kitchen floor renovation
  • Determine the appropriate height of the cabinets
  • Build a nice counter for the kitchen entrance
  • Using the structure of the island
  • Compatibility with other components of the house

Renovation of bathrooms and toilets

In the reconstruction of the bathroom and toilet, if the experts, after visiting the bathroom and toilet, have determined that the valves and its structures should be replaced, it is better to do this, even if it costs a lot to move the valves and structures and replace the pipes. Especially if it is a transition from one wall to another, if the budget and cost of the changes are not possible for the employer, we can keep large objects to rebuild them, and work with what is at least possible. 'building.

In this way, our designers and experts can make many changes creatively and without moving anything, for example to renovate an old bathtub if we had to move it without considering. Taking the cost of moving and changing the plumbing and moving all the equipment and damage it causes us, we don't have to move it and the same old tub can be polished and polished its surface with half the amount of movement. He created charm, simplicity and beauty in the space of this bathroom.

To renovate the bathroom and toilet should be given priority first, including the most common steps in the bathroom and toilet renovation process first, wall and floor insulation, plumbing and fixture repair, wall and tile painting spare parts, replacement of valves, rebuilding the ventilation of these places, moving the toilet with a toilet and designing shelves and…. is.

Of course, it should be noted that these spaces should be decorated with low-cost elements, for example, to beautify the interior of a bathroom, you can use a suitable vase, towel and carpet, and give a special elegance and beauty to He did. the bathroom.

Bedroom renovation

Bedroom remodeling is usually done in proportion to the person using the room. Bright and cheerful colors are usually used in a child's bedroom, especially in a girl's room.

In older homes, built-in wardrobes were usually made through metal walls and frames. These materials and the diameter of the built-in wardrobes took up a lot of space in the room, but today, in the reconstruction of the bedroom, MDF wall cabinets have a diameter.Their walls are used very little but with high strength.

Keep in mind that in the process of remodeling a bedroom, they first determine the location and size of the closet. The wall unit is one of the most important elements of a bedroom, the size and surface of which depend on the bed. For example, if the bed is a single bed, the wall unit is larger and its surface area, and if the bed is a double bed, the wall unit is considered smaller.

The size of the single bed is 90 * 2 standard and the size of the double bed is 1.60 * 2. In relation to these dimensions, you can specify the location of the wall unit and the general arrangement of the bedroom in the reconstruction of the Bedroom.

Position of the wall unit:

In the process of remodeling the bedroom, they first determine the location and size of the closet. The wall unit is one of the most important elements of a bedroom, the size and surface of which depend on the bed. For example, if the bed is a single bed, the wall unit is larger and its surface area, and if the bed is a double bed, the wall unit is considered smaller.

The size of the single bed is 90 * 2 standard and the size of the double bed is 1.60 * 2. In relation to these dimensions, you can specify the location of the wall unit and the general arrangement of the bedroom in the reconstruction of the Bedroom.

Interior renovation and interior decoration

The interior design of the building (interior decoration) affects the life of all members of society and its effects on life are clearly visible. Hence, the theme of interior design is by no means limited to wealthy and aristocratic homes. Interior design can also be beneficial for the entire community and low-income classes.

If contentment is the fundamental principle of today's society and we intend to provide a comfortable life in the space of 40 or 60 meters of apartments, interior design will be an inevitable necessity. Interior design can show us how and with what equipment we should live in this small space.

Renovation of the office decoration

When decorating the interior of the doctor's office, choose vinyl furniture for the reconstructed patient living room furniture, which can be cleaned quickly, easily and many times. Place a series of disinfectant bottles on the tables so that patients can use them for hand hygiene. Another interesting idea for decorating and remodeling a doctor's office or waiting room is to choose works of art or compositions that reflect hobbies, hobbies and moods. .

Touching a doctor's private and personal feelings can create a unique place for the doctor in the minds of patients; For example, if your doctor participates in nautical competitions, focus on gluing photos of inflatable boats to decorate the walls and show your doctor various models of inflatable boats, ship models and photos of boat trips. If the doctor grows orchids as a hobby, show floral designs and designs in his office and arrange his office with fresh orchids.

If the doctor enjoys watching classic movies, decorate the walls with posters of the same time. This personal touch can be a wonderful conversation between a patient and a doctor. The unique and attractive decoration created according to the reconstruction of the doctor's personality and mindset also helps patients to communicate with their doctor on a deeper level.

Renovation of the decoration and the house

Home Renovation The decision to remodel the interior is a perfectly appropriate decision. Home decoration remodeling has its problems when you decide to remodel, it means you really need a decisive change in interior decoration.

Renovating the interior of the house can include the entire interior of the house, or you can change only part of the house. Some spaces, such as the living room, don't go to great lengths to renovate the house, but some spaces, such as bathrooms and toilets, usually take longer due to the involvement of special structures.

This article introduces you to the steps of home remodeling so that if you decide to get rid of your old bathroom fixtures and remodel these spaces you know what to do and what to consider and what to do. What challenges do you face? So don't miss this handy article.

Reconstruction of the decoration

Create a focal point in your room

Every room needs a focal point, a suggestive point on which all attention is focused at a glance. This focal point can create a kind of visual hierarchy in the room. This point of the room is not just a visual misunderstanding, but the most important part of your bedroom.

In a small bedroom, which is primarily used for relaxation and relaxation of the mind and body, the main focal point is the top of the bed. Then you can reinforce this point by creating a colorful pillow arrangement with refreshing designs. When arranging the decoration of small spaces, your eyes may be drawn to the windows in the room.

So instead of juxtaposing two strong elements to grab attention, move the bed in front of the window to create a focal point on one side of the room, thus exclusively giving the visual focal point. Assign an area of ​​space.

In these cases, you can use another idea to create a focal point, which is to delete one of the focal points. For example, you can use curtains that match the color of the room to cover the windows, or with a simple bedspread, make the bed position blurry.

How to start rebuilding your home?

Where to start? Does cost matter to you? Or are you looking for your ideal design? Otherwise, how much do you want to spend to change your decoration? How do we know that our renovation and decoration contractor is doing for us what he showed me in the portfolio and in the photos?

And if so, will your home look like a champion with its different sizes? How do you know before you spend and buy that if your sofa and decoration are arranged at home, they will provide the same feeling and imagination? Relax and don't stress yourself out. We are here to help make things simple and attractive.

Do not doubt that you will achieve what you have in mind and in your dreams with the experience and skills of innovators.

Renovation of the apartment and home decoration

There are many tricks for remodeling your apartment and home that can help you experience a new look at home. Sometimes these tricks are very small, but sometimes they take on larger dimensions called home remodeling.

You can use light to make a space seem larger or smaller. For this purpose, it is enough to make lighting on the walls and in the corners of the room. In this way, the environment becomes brighter than the center and appears larger.

See the lighting project in the following project; As a hidden light frame with proportionate dimensions and proper light regulation it made the space look like a corridor suitable for my resident.

How much money can you earn to decorate your home?

How much change can you make with your budget? Is this amount responsible for minor changes or major renovations? Can you replace appliances, lighting and furniture with this figure? There are aspects of cost that you don't see in the remodeling process, so it's best to talk to both the designer and contractor to estimate the cost and get all the details.

Renovation of the kitchen decoration

Summer is the season for decorating renewal! During the summer holidays and its sunny climate, we get rid of the residual fatigue from hard work in the winter and rebuild our body and soul.

It is also one of the best times to renovate homes when the weather is hot and dry; This is the summer season. If your home needs to be remodeled, the walls need to be painted, or there is a need to change the house's plumbing, summer will usually be a good time for that.

Of course, it is not possible to renovate the whole house every year, because it is both boring, expensive and useless, but experts recommend making a small modification in your home every year, because small changes, Convenient and free are very suitable for the human spirit and increases the quality of daily life.

The kitchen is undoubtedly at the top of the list of places that most affect the quality of our daily life. If there is one feature of the kitchen that bothers us, it will certainly affect the whole space of the house, because the kitchen is a very used and frequented place.

For this reason, if there is a feature in the kitchen that you want to change or you are tired of its appearance, do not delay making the change and start working now.